32bit Fax

32bit Fax 11.1

Send and receive fax from a single computer or network
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Send and receive fax from a single computer or network, single fax modem or multiple modems. Send and forward fax using modem, Internet, email.
You will be sending and receiving faxes in a few minutes from now with this full featured fax program. Send and Receive fax from Single Computer and Modem; or Network with Multiple Modems.

This faxing software includes Vista 64 bit fax, Vista 32 bit fax, Windows XP fax, Windows 7 fax, and all other Windows 32 bit and 64 bit fax drivers. The 64 bit print to fax supports all 64-bit and 32 bit Windows operating systems includes x86, x64, EM64T, amd64 and ia64.

Main Features:

- Send faxes by fax modem, send faxes by email, send fax over the Internet, and the ability to forward all incoming fax to an email address in TIFF or PDF format.
- Send fax via your Internet connection using our built in fax API. If your fax recipient has an email address, this fax software program will fax email it to them by attaching the fax to an email and do an email fax to them in TIFF or PDF format.
- Single Computer and Modem; or Network with Multiple Modems.
- ElectraSoft fax software can send faxes from your computer using your cell phone fax modems too.
- 32bit Fax / 64bit Fax is popular with oil companies because it handles downhole well log image faxing.

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